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concrete furnishing for humid environments

I live in an area with high humidity levels most of the year. I have replaced wooden patio furniture time and time again and decided that I was no longer going to continue to do that. Instead of buying wooden furniture every few years, I decided to have a concrete contractor build a permanent patio and furniture out of concrete. I wanted concrete tables, benches and a few accents that would be able to withstand the moisture. This blog will show you some great ways to use concrete to avoid the wood rot that comes with living in a humid environment.


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Three Ways To Make Your Business' Parking Lot More Appealing To Parents

When you own a business, it is important to make sure that you cater to every possible client that you can. It is important to market towards mothers because they are often the ones that do the most shopping for a household. There are tweaks that you can make to your parking lot to make it more appealing to mothers and possibly boost the success of your business.  The following guide walks you through three simple improvements to make to your parking lot to entice more mothers to shop at your store.

Create Designated Parking Spots

Mothers often have children in tow with them when they are shopping. When mothers have to lug around a baby carrier, hold a small child's hand, and carry the diaper bag in and out of a store, it can be a bit overwhelming. The shortest distance these mothers have to travel with all of these things with them, the more likely they will be due to business at a store. Designate parking spots that are close to the doors of your store as spots for parents with children. This will allow mothers or fathers that have children the ability to get their children to into your store in the safest way possible.

Have Speed Bumps Added

Speed bumps make people slow down as they drive through your parking lot. When parents try to cross across the small passageway in front of your store, cars going too quickly could hit one of their children accidentally. Installing speed bumps makes everyone slow down when they are in front of your store, which will diminish the chances of someone accidentally getting hurt when they are leaving or entering your building.  

Have Ramps Created

When parents are trying to shop with children, they often put them in shopping carts or push strollers into the store. While most jurisdictions only require you to have one ramp coming into your store, considering having a ramp added to each side of the building to ensure that parents can easily push a cart or a stroller onto the sidewalk with ease.

All of these changes can be made by hiring a paving company and explaining what you want to have done. The paving company will be able to fill potholes and cracks in the parking lot, while they create the speed bumps and ramps to ensure that children and adults are always as safe as they can be when they are walking through your parking lot.

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